TODAY’S PURPOSE WOMAN MARKETPLACE promotes and elevates women of faith brands and shares the testimony and the purpose of her brand to reflect God’s glory, inspire, empower and also to encourage our community and beyond to support women of faith brands/businesses.

Sherrell Valdezloqui who is the founder of Promoting Purpose the publishing company of Today’s Purpose Woman knows first hand the importance of accepting God’s call to the marketplace and the commitment, obedience, sacrifice and humbleness that is required. Although the products or brands may seem similar to what’s on the market, there is something unique about it. The story behind the brand and the work of excellence glorifies God and reflects that uniqueness.

The spirit of excellence, and the passion for inspiring and empowering the consumers the women of faith brands are purposed to reach while reflecting the glory of God is what we promote and elevate at the Today's Purpose Woman Marketplace. It is our hope and prayer that you are empowered, inspired and that you’ll join us in supporting women of faith brands that operate in excellence.


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