Veronica Umoetuk, the founder of Tehila Designs, is located in the United Kingdom. The vision for Tehila Designs came to Veronica through a dream from the Holy Spirit. "I began to pray and then I had a dream in which the Holy Spirit told me to go into design. I had no prior art/design skills or knowledge, so I had to look into doing a course. I spent about three years studying Jewelry Manufacture and Design and completed it at the end of 2013."

Tehila Designs Jewelry tells a unique story of how to deal with everyday life. The designs are inspired by physical and emotional challenges. "I was at a very dark place that’s why each design has its own story.”

When you wear a Tehila Designs handcrafted jewelry piece you’ll discover that the precious metals + gemstone pieces are not just created to be a form of body adornment and beauty, it provides a personal story that relates to your life’s journey. From the intentional bashes and textures on the surface that tells a story that life isn’t perfect, but with our flaws, challenges, and disappointments we can continue to thrive forward. To “The Mountain” design that reminds us that we have to look past the impossible and climb mountains to experience and see what’s at the top Tehila Designs makes an inspirational, empowering and purposeful gift.